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Finding a Duracell Coupon in 2012

Finding a Duracell coupon is actually quite tricky – as P&G usually does not post them openly or online unless it is a special occasion. For example, they did just have a holiday special on their Facebook page where they we giving away Holiday Prize Packs. Unfortunately for us that promotion has ended but all hope is not lost as P&G actually tells us where to find an official Duracell coupon and there are also other ways to save money on batteries.

On the Duracell company Facebook there are some coupons listed throughout the year as mentioned previously. This is most often found around holidays or other special events (such as the Duracell brand birthday) but can also occur at any time. From a note that they left on Facebook they recommend that you look in the P&G brandSAVER® insert that you can find in Sunday newspapers. If you want to check for your nearest newspaper or see if the Sunday paper you currently receive has the brandSAVER® booklet check here.

On top of the brandSAVER® Sunday booklet there is also another easy and important place to check that P&G did not mention in their note. That is the EverydaySolutions™ website that P&G offers year-round and provides discounts and coupons for a huge number of their products. To receive your brandSAMPLER® booklet you need to sign-up on their site. You can sign up here. Once you do so you will need to wait up to a few weeks to get your little booklet. We have signed up and received our booklet however P&G wants everyone to order & get their own and we are not allowed to share them here under severe legal penalties, or we would happily.

Another great avenue is to go via the P&G eSAVER® so that you don’t need to wait for everything to arrive via snail mail. The online coupons work in that you need to have shopper cards at the stores where you want to use the online coupons and then you need to add coupons onto that card. You select from the list of available coupons and then add those onto your cards so that you can take advantage of the available coupons. For example, they just had a Duracell coupon for recharagable batteries for $1.50off. While this is set to expire soon there will undoubtedly be more coupons for all P&G brands added throughout the year.

Stepping away from the online and booklet coupons that you can take advantage of there is also a special way to save substantial money if you are a reoccurring Duracell battery buyer. When you buy a pack of batteries there is often a Duracell coupon for another (or sometimes the same) product in that pack. This is sometimes marked on the outside of the package but most of the time is just a nice surprise that you can use to save yourself some money on batteries which are quite pricey!